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Blood clot on lung


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If you have lung cancer you are at high risk for blood clots. I have read that you should be treated with heparin . Many times with clots the doctors switch you over to coumadin which usually is fine but not with clots in people with tumors , you need heparin or levenox ( low molecular wieght heparin given subcutaneiously) for several months. There is something from the tumors that causes clotting to go wacky.

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I sent you an email too. My mom was treated with the Lovonox shots...she had a adverse reaction - coughed up blood. Found out she is allergic to all blood thinners. She had a screen impanted to catch any clots breaking off from her legs. The doctors told us immobility and cancer causes blood to thicken and this all causes blood clots, pretty common.

My mom is doing much better now.

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