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May LUNGevity Hero: Bauer Family


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May LUNGevity Hero: Bauer Family

LUNGevity Foundation is proud to honor our May LUNGevity Hero, the Bauer family of Shaker Heights, Ohio, who has made lemonade out of lemons – quite literally – raising money for lung cancer research with proceeds from an after-school lemonade stand. When Harriet Bauer lost her mother, Lois Karp, to lung cancer, she was devastated. But the Bauer family has been able to honor Lois’s memory by raising awareness and funds for the fight against the disease.

Harriet’s young children, Greta and Owen, had been running the “Bauer/Powers Lemonade Stand” in front of their house since the beginning of the 2009 school year to grow their business skills. However, when Lois died that September, Harriet was inspired to keep Lois’ s memory alive, and help others faced with the same diagnosis, by using the lemonade stand to raise funds to help fight the disease.

Since 2009, the Bauer family has spent Friday afternoons in front of their house, selling lemonade, hot cocoa, and delicious treats to the local community. Not only do they provide a tasty stop to start the weekend off right, but they also remind the community of an important cause. The sign taped to the front of their stand explains to customers that “all proceeds are donated to lung cancer research.” The Bauers hope that the donations will help our nation work toward a cure and that the lemonade stand will inspire others to learn more about the ongoing research seeking treatments and cures for lung cancer and join them in supporting the cause.

LUNGevity Foundation is constantly impressed with the inspiring and creative ideas that people generate to raise awareness and funds for the fight against lung cancer. It is these projects across the nation, from our Breathe Deep walks to golf outings and lemonade stands, that bring us ever closer to the discovery of early detection methods and successful treatments. One cup of lemonade at a time, the Bauers are helping win the battle against lung cancer.

http://blog.lungevity.org/2014/05/01/ma ... er-family/


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