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Similair Sites for Other cancers?


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Hi guys,

First off, thank you everyone who continues to answer my questions and offer support. I do not post often, but when I do, it is always very beneficial. Hope everyone is well. Its a hard thing to deal with you have given me much needed and much appreciated advice.

I have a cousin who's father in law has Hodgkins. I am very close to my cousin's wife and small children, and it is hard what they are going though. I was telling Sue about this site and we began trying to find a similiar one for Hodgkins. Does anyone know of sites like this for other types of cancer? I feel that a site like this would help Sue a lot, as it has myself. I would appreciate any ideas.

Thank you all,


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I do know of a website that should be helpful for your cousin's father-in-law. Suggest that they try: http://www.acor.org/

ACOR is "Association of Cancer Online Resources." I know about them because I belong to their list-serve for parents of kids with cancer -- NOT because I have a child fighting cancer (thank God), but because I work raising money for childhood cancer research, and it has helped to me to learn more about what our families face in their battles. ACOR has list-serves for just about every kind of cancer. The one I subscribe to is very different from this website (no pictures, for one thing!) but still it provides a forum for people to talk with one another about their experiences, and that's always so valuable. I'm sure there's one for Hodgkins. I hope this is helpful for your relatives.


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