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4 long Years


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Four years ago I was with Pat in the hospital. We knew things were not going well but Pat still smiled at everyone. I said goodbye at about half past ten and went home for some rest. Just after midnight I received the news of her passing. My world ended that night.

I have since picked up the pieces and carried on. I think one of the things that has kept me going is being sent out of South Africa and I am now working in Ghana.

The longing is still there. When I go home to South Africa and my home is empty the loneliness hits hard.

I know I remember the good times we had and know she is waiting for me.

Miss her so much

Thanks to everyone for always being there for me


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is good to hear from you again Ronnie.... glad your holding up ok and carrying on... I know all about the loneliness. it is hard when your working and traveling and such and come home...

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Hi Ronnie,

Good to see you and glad to know that you are doing ok. Ronnie, it seems no matter how many years go by we still miss those that owned a part of our hearts. Anniversary dates just seem to bring the sad memory of the day we lost them back to life again. They can never be replaced, but we can move on to make new memories. Take care.



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My heart breaks for you dear one. I don't think that we ever "stop grieving" for the ones we love. It just gets somewhat easier over time. But there are still those moments that bring it all back to the surface I know :( I'll be thinking of you and hope your days get easier. ((hugs))

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