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Blood clot in arm

gerbil runner

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My mom got a sore spot on her arm, and was smart enough to get it checked out. Turns out she's got a blood clot in her arm. The dr. gave her medication to inject herself - mom was quite grateful for any option other than hospitalization - and she also has antibiotics for the sinus cold she's got.

We're waiting for the results of her cat scan - should get them Monday when she goes in for her next round of chemo.

How dangerous is a blood clot in the arm? Anything else we should look out for with the meds for it?

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Yes, we've been fortunate. Mom's onc spent 20 years at Dana-Farber, just recently came to this area. SCLC is of particular interest to him. He's also been a professional witness against "big tobacco". Very open and easy to talk to, according to both my parents. No mention of statistics or time frames. The hemotologist he works with is treating mom's blood clot.

How long does it take to clear up a blood clot? Mom's is very painful, right inside her elbow.

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Foods? Not sure about that. Do you mean foods to avoid because of the medication, Shirley?

I did find a good site about deep vein thrombosis (the serious blood clots, mom's is superficial). Check out http://www.spotlighthealth.com/dvt/dvt_ ... rview.html

Tara Lipinski talks about her precautions against DVT after surgery. And Dan Quayle had pulmonary embolisms twice (maybe that explains it...ooh, bad girl!) But seriously, the info is very readable and extensive.

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Hi Jen,

The foods that we were told to watch out for were the ones that had alot of vitamin K. Ask you doctor about this. Don't change your mothers diet but be aware that certain foods should be avoided. Randy was never a big veggie eater so for us it was important that he not become a big veggie eater at the time. The one thing I remember them telling us was to not change his diet because of his developing blood clots and if he did change his diet to stay away from foods high in vitamin k.

Wish I could remember more of what they are but I think it would be best if you find out from your doctor. I don't want to give out mis-information.

Hope things are getting better for you mom.

Good luck. Much love,


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