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Help Needed to deal with Lung Cancer

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I am new and Really really want to be here to help one of my Friend who's Mother has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and other complicated issues. I want to find help, treatment and Advise from Experts and who have already been aware of the same.

My Friend lives in China.

I have a small Report too which my Friend sent me as a Text message.

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Hello chryshanto,

Thank you for choosing LUNGevity for support. I'm sorry about your friend. I can imagine how you feel with your friend being so far away.

We have many forums in our message board covering many topics. Please comb through them to see which ones might help you.

Here is a link that might also be helpful to you. You can browse questions that others have posted to our experts or you can post your own. http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageSe ... TheExperts

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I too am sorry to read about your friend but also glad you found Lungevity. I've been here since 2009 when my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. There is not only a wealth of information here there are many of us that want to offer you support. Please read through our many forums and if you have questions just ask away. Or if you need to vent.....we are here to help with that too.

I hope you return and let us know how your friend is doing. ((hugs))

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Thank you very much for the reply and the encouragement.

My friend was really pleased about the efforts at LUNGevity.

She sent me this report from her mothers treatment process.

Please have a look as some technical, Medical terms really confuse me a lot.


In July 24, 2013, my mum was diagnosed with multiple intracranial metastases.

Chest CT: left dorsal segment lesions

In August 5, 2013,she had stereotactic biopsy and head gamma knife treatment

Pathology: poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma

diagnosis: the forth phase of left lung adenocarcinoma with brain metastases,

EGFR gene mutations

after surgery,she took IRESSA for 6 months.

In August 13, 2013,she had Gamma Knife treatment of pulmonary.

(surgery in detail as follows: one lesion, 55% isodose curves, dose: 4.0Gy * 11f)

In September 5, 2013,she had whole brain radiotherapy :200cGy/f, 5f/w, DT 3600cGy.

In May 5, 2014, head enhanced MRI: multiple metastases can be found in her fourth periventricular and leptomeningeal. some of the lesions in cerebral parenchyma become bigger, some become smaller.

In May 20, 2014 and June 24, 2014. she had chemotherapy: Gemcitabine & carboplatin

In July 1st,2014, head enhanced MRI: multiple enhanced nodules can be seen in bilateral cerebral hemispheres(diameter : less than 10mm). around some lesions,there is some tissue edema signal.one bigger lesion is inside of the right frontal lobe. abnormal enhancement can be seen in cerebellar hemispheres and bilateral frontal and temporal lobe leptomeningeal . The choroid fissure has long T1&T2 hyperintenseno signal(size: 12mm). No midline shift.

Pathology Report:

date: July 4th ,2014

diagnosis: Lung adenocarcinoma metastasis to the brain

gene mutation:Exon-19M1(gene deletion), Exon-19M2(gene deletion), Exon-20 T790M

she is now in confusion, often gives irrelevant answers. eating and sleepling are ok, normal excretion.

Annexure 2:

My friend's mother she is 45 years old. She now uses tarceva and she feels a little better

Her mum is going to try another method

the gonna draw some blood from the patient, then kill the tumor cells in the blood. and culture the the cells in the blood which can kill the tumor cells, then inject the blood back to the patient to strengthen her immune system

and she wants to know how is the result?

did anyone know or they used this method?

her father wants to know about this too.

My Friend is Kate and her email is: 1506712249@qq.com

she thanked all who are trying to help her at LUNGevity.

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Hi Chyshanto,

Thank you so much for the update. I'm sending well wishes and hugs to your friend. I was wondering if you or your friend tried to navigate thru our Ask the Experts link? http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageSe ... TheExperts

It has a lot of detailed information there. We also have a Survivor's resource center that you all can browse through. http://events.lungevity.org/survivors/index.html

Hope this helps.

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