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I'm jayjay13 and live alone. At the age of 75 and with small cell lung cancer I'm really in need of some support. I have two live children but they live south of me so not a lot of support there. :( I have been lloking all over the internet for a place to hang my hat where I can interact with people. 8)

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Hi jayjay13. Welcome to the board. hang your hat, pull up a chair and relax. We have a lot of friends here who can offer advice, a lending ear and support. I'm sad to learn that your children are far from you. Which state do you live in?

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Hello Jayjay13! Cindy is right so please feel free to jump in and talk to us anytime you wish. Please browse our other forums when you can. There is a wealth of information. Even if you just want to chat with us.....please do. I hope to hear from you soon. ((hugs))

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Good Morning JayJay,

Welcome to LCSC,its a pleasure to meet a new kid on the block.I am really sorry to hear about your dx,it did take me a little time to adjust to my new situation,however with the passage of time and the support of family and friends,not forgetting everyone here at LCSC,my life began to turn around,and I began to enjoy myself as prior to my dx.

I like to say that Lung Cancer rained on my parade,but it sure came with a great big silver lining,in that, it took me to places I would have never dreampt of going,and to meet so many wonderful people,I would have never otherwise met.

Gosh I have had so many adventures,three years ago,I did a seven week tour of your wonderful country,using AMtrak to get about (I did'nt want to risk driving on the wrong side of the road,I am bad enough as a driver LOL).You can find many of my photos of my adventures here in the members Photo album,or clicking online to travellingeric,which gives a daily diary and pics as I travelled around the USA.

I live in Bonnie Scotland,which given the beauty of my country,is a real priviledge.I have retired three years ago from a career in teaching that spanned nearly 40 years,my daughter Jennifer by co-incidence has just started her career teaching English in Hamilton Grammar High School,only started her full time post last week,but she is loving it.

I see you hail from Florida,I never got to visit that state in my travels,well,the USA is just so big,perhaps I will get back to do another tour to visit all central and southern states one day?.

I am sorry you do not have family living near you,but I can promise you,you do have to face your cancer alone when you can have share in the LCSC family,they have given me such wonderful support right from the dark days following my dx,until today nearly 5 years later (Oct sees me having my 6th anniversary from my dx).

I had a friend Robert Lowe I met though having LC,I attended his LC support group in Glasgow.Robert's story was remarkable in that initially being given two months to live following a dx of SCLC in 1993 then NSCLC in 2004,he went on to survive lung cancer for 20 years,he died cancer free in 2012.He was a wonderful advocate for survivors of LC,who worked tirelessly in raising awareness of the lack of attention LC receives from funding,research and the general publics perception of the disease.

I do wish you every success with your treatments and look forward to getting to know you.

Best Wishes.

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