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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

After some days of unseasonal cold and wet weather,summer has returned to the West of Scotland,Yeah.I am just about to head off into Glasgow to meet up with my friends for a pub lunch in the Admiral,its fun, lots of good banter and we also sort out all the worlds current problems.

Thank you Cindy for the invitation to describe my most fun occassion this summer,gosh thats a hard one,theres something wrong if I am not having fun every day,probably my boat trip up Lake Windermere with Liz,weather was brilliant scenery gorgeous,we had a super day,lovely visit to an old pub in the evening,for a pint and a meal,fond memories,gosh seems like ages ago.A week tomorrow,Liz and I fly out from Glasgow to Tenerife in the Canary Islands for two glorious weeks,topping up my sun tan and doing all things we all love doing on our holidays,must remember to pack my viagra pills (sorry thats a joke for all the oldies here).

Liz is up at Dundee today and to-morrow,she is doing some consultancy work in a nursing home thats had a recent inspection visit from the health care board,apparently their report has been a bit scathing of the home,Liz will meet with the staff and discuss the report and action. improvements.She has impressed the owner of a nursing home who found itself in similar straights recently,Liz has done much to improve their situation,the owner is arranging to interview Liz next week sometime,with a view to offering her the General Managers job,its permanent and full-time.Liz has to mull over wheither or not she wants to return to full time employment? at the moment she is only doing consultancy work part time,mind you a good salary is on offer,well, its up to her.The downside is,she will become a grandma for the first time in January,we also planned to spend some of the Winters weeks abroad,somewhere hot, to miss out on the cold dark days here in Scotland.

I had a successful day out last Saturday a Monklands Centenary Outdoor Bowling Championships,I have received many compliments on the photographs I had taken of the event,copies have been sent to the local press with a view to publication,during the event,I was left to play host to Lanarkshires Lord Provost,for a couple of hours,we had great discussions about Scotlands up and coming Referendum on Scotlands Independance on September the 18th(I with be in Tenerife for the vote,so I will arrange for a postal vote).The Lord Provost and I share the same view,we will be voting no,we want to remain as part of the UK,mind you, it looks as if it will be a close run thing,the way the polls are showing.

I have been invited by the Monklands Bowling Association to photograph the Junior Championships on Sunday,so looking forward to that event.I was due to attend a re-union of my former colleagues from Langside College at Haggs Castle Golf Club tomorrow evening,sadly our host Hugh, suffered a heart attack in Rouken Glen Public park last Saturday,his heart had actually stopped,unbelievably at that moment in time 3 medics were nearby and managed to resussitate Hugh and keep him stable until the ambulance arrived.Hugh phoned me a couple of days ago from his hospital bed to fill me in on his "adventure" and express his disappointment in not being able to attend the re-union,we have cancelled anyway,Hugh hopes it can be reset for sometime in December.Hugh has to have some surgery on his heart at the Golden Jubilee Hospital (where I had my upper right lobectomy performed over 5 years ago) its one of the best hospitals in Scotland,so I am sure Hugh will have a successful surgery.

Got to go now folks,hope you are having a super summer,bye for now.

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