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Moving forward - I think......


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Well today I went to get a thoracentesis done. Remember the radiologists at the medical center were looking at my films from mid December? They saw fluid and wanted to drain that and then biopsy it. They could not find enough fluid to drain and said the scar tissue also looks smaller on a CT Scan they did today. YEA!!!!! :lol: So the plan is to get another CT Scan in a month and see how it looks then. I like that, news!

The other info is I spoke to my onc last week to ask a couple of questions. One of the questions being, "Am I now Stage IV since the adrenal gland is showing evidence of disease?" His answer was, "Yes, if the biopsy on the adrenal gland comes back positive for disease". So I smack myself in the head :oops: and say well of course CT Scans and PET Scans do not prove disease, just suggest it , DUH!

I have an appointment to see an urologist next Wednesday, so it shouldn't be long before I get the real scoop. :o

In the meantime, I am going back to school. I have started the process at a community college here in the area. Will be taking the Basic Skills Placement Test tomorrow. I know I will have to take remedial math classes :wink: But that is not a bad thing. I do not want to get into a math class and be just too lost. (It has been thirty years since I have been to school) :roll: . I have an appontment with an advisor on Monday. I will of course be starting out slow. One class this quarter (especially with everything else going on).

I am looking forward to this, especially since we have only lived in NJ for two years. All my friends and family are back in Cincinnati, OH. Don't get me wrong I have made some friends here, mostly through my work with the cancer center. School will give me an activity that has nothing to do with cancer. I am looking forward to that! :mrgreen: I didn't get the chance to work long enough here to make many friends before I was diagnosed. Just long enough to receive disability (so that is a good thing). Actually I did make two girlfriends, but they moved away. Anyway, that is just the facts, not feeling sorry for myself.

My husbands car just pulled into the drive and I am going to spend some time with him.

Wishing a peaceful evening for all of you!

Blessed Be,

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Well, I just live 4 or maybe 5 miles from Cinti. I am in Ft Wright Ky. I know why you miss the area because it is a great place.

School sounds good too. I love math. Any prob let me know. lol. It has only been 48 year out for me. Sure seems like yesterday.

Glad things are looking good. I hope the best for you.

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I have seen that you live in the Greater Cincinnati area on you posts. I am envious, and hope we get to move back some day (the sooner the better). We were home for the holidays. We were at Newport on the Levee for dinner with friends and saw "Cold Mountian" at the theatre there. The riverfront in Newport and Covington gets more built up every time we are there. I try to get back as often as possible (since I am not employed right now).

The bad part about the Basic Skills placement test is they do not allow calculators for the math. Who doesn't use them nowadays? But it is good to learn the formula and how to use it in your brain. Calculators are good for checking your work though.

Thanks for the good wishes!

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Hope everything goes well for you. Glad to hear that there is hardly any fluid and praying the tests come back negative. You are in my prayers everyday...

Blessings to you


P.S. Have you heard anything from UPS wife? I spoke to her just before Christmas. Hope all is well for her... Thanks

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We both got an the forum about the same time but for different

reason, missed you post, so read them back.

You had quite a time getting answers, but now you are

on the right way.

Glad for the school, it will take the edge away from many

days and will be a good opportunity for the future.


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