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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                          Well lots of changes around here,I did reply to a post in another forum some days ago,however I discovered there were no means on the page to submit the post? I just gave up.Hopefully,my posting problem is now resolved.

        I did enjoy my holiday recently in Tenerife,I would have shared some pics with you,but it seems there is no photo album forum now?.I have just booked up a 5 day holiday in Holland next July with Liz,mainly to see Andre Rieu perform with his  Orchestra in his hometown of Maastrict,its a super occassion,its held outdoors in a hugh and beautiful Square,I just love his music,thinking of wearing my kilt ensemble? and share in a wee waltz or two.The holiday package includes tickets for the show and visits to Antwerp and Amsterdam,so looking forward to this one.

          I was in Glasgows Mitchell Library yesterday on a invitation from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,I gave a talk on my cancer experiences to the MacMillan Organisation Volunteers,think my talk was well received.Today I have had an email inviting me to join with the MacMillan Org as a volunteer for their offices in various Glasgow Libraries,I will have to think about it,my partner Liz is about up to her neck with all the things I am involved in LOL.The UK Labour are looking for volunteers in preparation for next years general election,another one to consider.

        I have a Dinner Dance to look forward to on Friday,its my outdoor bowling clubs prizewinners gala night,yours truly is getting the Pairs Trophy,it should be a super night.

         My daughter Jennifer is enjoying her new teaching English post in a Hamilton Secondary School,she has just informed me she is off with some pupils next June to Ghana,there are contingency plans in place to move instead to Zambia if the Ebola outbreak presents even the slightest of threats to their visit. 

         Got to go now,I do hope you are all enjoying life and are in excellent health,bye.

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