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Hi...My name is Sandra Mainero


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Hi...My name is Sandra Mainero.  I am a 48 year old mother of three grown boys and 5 grandchildren.  In November of 2013 I became sick with what I thought was a cold.  I went to the E R and the doctors told me that I had an Upper Respiratory Infection.  They gave me a "Z pack" and sent me on my way.  Every thing seemed to be fine.  Then in May of 2014, I became sick again to the point where I could not even walk without help from my husband.  Once again I went to the ER.  The doctors took x-rays and told me that I had a spot on my left lung that didn't look good and that it had not grown since November of 2013,  I told them that I had not been told of any spot being on my lung back in November.  They told me I needed to make an appointment with my primary doctor to get it checked.  At the time, I didn't have a primary doctor...had never even thought about having one because I was rarely sick.  They gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.  Two days went by and I seemed to be getting worse.  So I decided to go to  "Urgent Care".  The P.A. that was on duty, quickly had an x-ray taken and saw the spot.  She immediately sent me for a PET Scan.  She said she didn't want to assume what it was so she wanted to do the test immediately.  She called me in the next day...It was cancer  :cry: .  I could feel my whole world crumbling right at my feet. My mom had died at age 55 with cancer.  She found out and immediately gave up.  I told my kids I was going to fight with all I had.  Here I was weighing 110 lbs soaking wet and fixing to have the battle of a life time.  The doctor immediately sent me to the doctors I needed to see...her mother had also been battling with cancer so she knew what an urgency it was for me to get to the right doctors.  Test after test, week after week, tear after tear, it seemed like it was all a bad dream.  To make a long story short, I went through surgery on October 7th, 2014,  The doctor used the Da' Vinci' robot to remove the cancer in my left lung.  He had said there was a spot on my lower lobe that was positive for cancer and a spot on my mid lobe that they wanted to check.  When the surgery was over, they told my husband that they had to remove three nodules.  They told him that two of the spots were Stage I and the other spot was Stage IV.  It has me totally confused.  I stayed in the hospital 7 days.  I went to the doctor on the 20th and the RN removed the staples...but when he removed the first bandage, he asked me twice if they had already removed the staples because there were no staples under the first bandage.  He removed the other three bandages and removed the staples.  He put what looks like butterfly stitches in one of the spots and the one that he had asked about first, he just put a bandage back over it.    I go back to the surgeon on the 27th and I am compiling questions to ask.  It just doesn't seem right that his RN had to ask me if they had already taken out the staples when I remember him being there when they removed the tubes on the day I came home. When I took a shower tonight I changed the bandage and noticed that the spot was about the size of my husbands thumbnail and it looked like it had puss on it...and the old bandage looked like it had a little green look on the leakage.  I go to see the Radiation oncologist tomorrow because he put radiation mesh in the spots where the cancer was removed.  He will be the first doctor I question about what is going on.


Thank you for taking the time to read my Introduction.  


God Bless

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Hello Sandra!  Welcome to LCSC dear one.  It sounds like you have a list of questions to ask your doctors.  Please don't hesitate to ask them anything and everything you want to know.  I myself don't have any experience is what you're dealing with but I'm sure some of our other members will be here soon to help.


Please return and keep us updated ((hugs))

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