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thanks for Judysdaughter for cards


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Just in case anyone is confused, I'm not Judy B's daughter (although she seems great!)

Well, wow, stupendous, wow again, and sheesh! I put my mom on the list to receive a card, since she was feeling down cuz she can't see. And what do you know, she's received 3!!!!!

Here's the thing I didn't think through. She can't see. She knows that she received cards and can see enough to know that she doesn't know who sent them but can't see enough to read WHO sent them. I will be going over there tomorrow and will read them to her but I just wanted to send a quick THANKS AND WOW to those of you.

I've been trying to get her to come here but she's been a little overwhelmed. The eyesight thing has also hindered this. She couldn't believe that people could be so kind. I explained that with this site and all of the kind words, that was nothing!

Again, thanks. It is so hard to see our loved ones suffer and knowing that I could extend a little extra sunshine to her, helped her and me.

Now, I must go see who they're from :D:D

Always praying for all.


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