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post deleted and for now Member reported and blocked from posting...

PET scan revealed no active cancer anywhere in her body.  Nothing lit up, not even the old tumor.  Next task is to get rid of this "lung specialist".

needs to get the Water up at the very least ... Dehydration is a partial couse of this I think.... and is treatable at hospital with lots of fluids....  She should be eating whenever hungry.. not set

Jason's cancer returned in the other lung about 5 months after completing chemo post-pneumonectomy. Recurrence can happen at any time. She could ask her medical team why they're waiting until April for the next PET. They may have a reason for the wait and if not, then maybe it could be scheduled sooner.


How is she feeling? I also hope it's not recurrence.

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So the latest scan showed metastati

1. Soft tissue mass left anteromedial chest and mediastinum extending from

the parasternal area posterior laterally and involving the anterior chest

wall surrounding the internal mammary chain on the left. Maximal transverse

dimension is increased from 5.3 to 6.3 cm.

2. Stable 1.8 cm right upper lobe nodule with 2 very small right lower lobe

nodules now seen in the 5 to 6 mm range measuring slightly larger.

3. Stable pericardial effusion.

4. Small left pleural effusion slightly increased.

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