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For terminal patients.. what are peoples thoughts???


Do you believe in giving up the fight??? or is it going out on your terms?? How do you know if it is right or wrong thing to do?? all the talk lately has me thinking bout this.. Something my late wife sdaid was I will never quit fighting to live another day but if I see the light I am going towards it andI believe that was what she did... her last words were I love you and will see you tomorrow... there was no good bye...


I just have hard time with it personally.....

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I do not believe killing people is medical care. Doctors are suppose to take an oath,  " Though shall do not harm "

I also learned as a small child  -- " Though shall not kill "  In some states here in the USA they have legalized murder, doctors can prescribe meds that will kill you.


On the other hand if chemo or other treatments are not going to make a difference , you are not obliged to take them.


There are many things you can do for people with health problems, pain control, nausea, etc etc

Do them.  Help them.  The Lord knows when your time is.


Life is Worth Living.


Donna G

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I have a living will. I plan to go out on my terms.  I consider my body as just an earth suit-my spirit soars-can't wait for the next phase. 


All my family knows that I have had a great life-done things women only dreamed of, even with the good and bad... I am hoping to squeeze a few more productive years into mine. 


Should my brain shut down, I have directives in place.  As the matriarch of this family, I have already started the training for the next generations.  I came into this life with nothing, I shall go out with nothing.  My heart and soul are content with who and what I am.

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