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A Year in the Life of a Lung Cancer Survivor - Jeff E


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Live Long and Prosper October 30th, 2014 - by admin


Introducing a new blog series-  A Year in the Life of a Lung Cancer Survivor 

Bookmark our blog as we chronicle Jeff’s experience in bite size blogs posted once a week.


“According to the notes I’ve kept scribbled on a pad by my desk, it’s been a year now. One year as a lung cancer survivor and I’m still kicking. I’m pleased to be here and glad to be offered the chance to share some of the events from my experience with lung cancer.”

July 2013:

I was at work early, as usual, that day, glad that my son’s baseball season was done for a few months and looking forward to our family vacation coming up in a couple of weeks. (cough) I was making a list of things that I needed to get done at the office before we left and thinking about the things I still had left to do at my dad’s house in Missouri.  (We lost my father on May 25th after he spent 10 months on in-home hospice care and I had been working for nearly a year to dispose of several buildings full of accumulated “treasures”.) (cough)  Our vacation was taking us to the Boston area and we were anxious to enjoy the cooler weather and see the sights in the northeast part of the country. (cough)

“That does it.”, I thought to myself after another annoying little cough.  I had been fighting this cough for about three months now.  It never seemed to get worse and it never got better.  It wasn’t bad enough to justify a visit to the doctor, I thought, but my wife, Diane, had been telling me that I needed to make an appointment and get something for it before we went on vacation, so at 8:00 AM, I called the office and scheduled a visit for that afternoon.

After the normal routine of the medical exam and the back and forth questions that always go along with it, my family doctor could not find any definite cause for my cough and, almost as an afterthought, said that he wanted to get a chest x-ray.  After completing the x-ray and giving me a precautionary prescription for some antibiotics, he sent me on my way with his customary salutation to, “live long and prosper.”



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