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Clinical trials links


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1) https://ccr.cancer.gov/


2) http://clinicaltrials.gov/


3)  http://www.centerwatch.com/


and a new one from Stemcell research  http://www.closerlookatstemcells.org/


Many folks are scared of trying clinical trials. think they are guineau pigs basicaly . theya re not . people that are eligible should be thought of as PIoneers in cancer research. the bigest problem is that in Lung cancer it is often found too late too be leigible for Trials.. Lung cancer has to be caught early on to be eligible for Trials. So the better the early detection programs are the better the chance for being availabe for a trial...


These are jsut s few available links to Trials of course. there are also many more available through local ONcologists and Dovtors and local trial groups in YOUR area!!!


If your in a trial please post up and sharee with us. If I can help with anything please PM  me or post up and wil see what I can do to help out with research!!!

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