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Healthy Eating during Treatments

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This link is a great start to anyone wanting info on healthy eating during Chemo treatments..




Planning healthy menus and plant base diet ideas for patients form the Dana Farber Cancer INstitute... Studies have shown best kind of diet is plant based and grain healthy diet also


At every meal, you should strike a healthy balance of foods by planning your plate into these sections:

  • 1/2 vegetables and/or fruits
  • 1/4 protein
  • 1/4 whole grains
  • A small amount of healthy fats
  • Plenty of water

Protein is necessary for the growth and repair of all the cells in your body, including red blood cells, white blood cells, muscles, and hormones. Protein is made up of amino acids, some of which cannot be made by your body. When selecting a protein, choose lean, high-quality sources.

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