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November is Lung Cancer Awareness month


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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month November 1st, 2014 - by Katie Brown


Most people who aren’t directly affected by lung cancer won’t know what the month of November signifies.

November means turkeys and holiday dinners and those after-Thanksgiving sales- but it’s also Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM). Those of us who have been personally affected by lung cancer understand the importance of this month and advocates want to make others aware of this disease, the need for funding and support so that more people can survive it.

While the month of October’s pink-out from pink pencils to pink porta-potties raises a lot of awareness about breast cancer, lung cancer advocates don’t see regular public service announcements about lung cancer or a deluge of participating businesses, celebrities and national marketing campaigns like those that feature the famous pink ribbon.

LUNGevity is launching a campaign that will change the way people think about lung cancer. We are asking YOU to join us as we change how people learn about, treat and live with lung cancer.

The month of November is a Call to Action to everyone impacted by lung cancer to unite and raise their voices. It’s a chance for us to educate and inform the general public about the epidemic of lung cancer, and to change how we talk about this disease.

Here are some ways to take action:


Download the lung cancer FACTS and post pics of yourself or someone else holding the printed message – in any location or situation- Photos can be creative, serious, clever, touching or hopeful. Then post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram using our LCAM campaign hashtag #changelc and then tag us @lungevity in every post so we can help share it too. Post frequently, and encourage your friends to post their photos too.


Share and repost our facts and infographics. Like our posts and share them during the entire month of November. Help us spread the word on social media about lung cancer and post about November being Lung Cancer Awareness Month on your social networking sites, email your friends and family, register to participate in a LUNGevity event  and buy products that give back to lung cancer research


You’ve been personally affected by lung cancer. You are a survivor, co-survivor, family member, friend or medical professional and your experience will touch others. Submit your story to LUNGevity and we may feature it on our blog, promote it over social media and use it to inspire change and hope in others.


LUNGevity can provide you with a toolkit and send you materials that you can distribute in your community to people, medical providers and facilities. Our brochures and wristbands will be displayed in many hospitals and clinics- check with yours to see if they need materials for LCAM.


When my dad was diagnosed, the standard of treatment for his type of lung cancer hadn’t changed in over 40 years. He lived 11 months and 21 days after his diagnosis. He deserved a fighting chance and I miss him every day. Through research, education and support for those diagnosed with this disease, we can give people a fighting chance against lung cancer.

I’m asking our supporters and everyone I meet, to spread the word about lung cancer. For me, LCAM is every month, but during November we make an extra effort, so that one day no one else will lose someone they love to this disease.

Will you please help me spread the word?

Tell someone that November is lung cancer awareness month. Take a picture and let’s make it viral. Share the facts about this disease and let people know that if they breathe, they can get lung cancer too. Distribute materials and volunteer or participate in programs and events. Join us as we change how people learn about, treat and live with lung cancer.

Do it in honor of the 435 people who will die of lung cancer each and every day and the 220,000 people in America who are living with it. Do it for yourself and for someone you love because we are all at risk.






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