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Thanks Norme


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Norme, we received your card and it sure brightened Tim's day. I didn't tell him about the card list and that he is on it, so it was quite a surprise. He has just completed 5 days of radiation for a rib met and the last day they found a met in his arm and treated that too. Sure hope it helps with the pain.

It's been a tough week learning about the bone mets, even though he's in hospice. We thought they had started hospice too soon and the would end up throwing him out when they saw that he wasn't that sick.

I guess it's sinking in that this is really happening and other than a miracle, the outcome is not going to be what we wanted. I still hold out for the miracle :) , but we are starting to have those private and hard talks.

I hope that Buddy is feeling a bit better; he is in my prayers as always. Thanks again for brightening our day.

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