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Dave G's dog

David A

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I think that to answer Ry's question will require DNA testing. I know that in Mobile, Alabama, and the Phillipine Islands I saw waterfront rats that looked a lot like Chihuahuas. (Did I mention that my grandmother raised Chihuahuas? She even had my Grandfather build a scale model of their house as a little indoor hideaway for her favorite.)

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Come on guys I’m shocked and chagrinned you would make fun of the little rat. :roll: Hey Dave don’t feel bad just sing this song to the little guy. Replace Ben with the little guy’s name. You will both feel better. I’m glad some of us take this matter serious. :P


Ben Lyrics / Michael Jackson

Ben, the two of us need look no more

We both found what we were looking for

With a friend to call my own

I'll never be alone

And you my friend will see

You've got a friend in me

(You've got a friend in me)

Ben, you're always running here and there

(Here and there)

You feel you're not wanted anywhere


If you ever look behind

And don't like what you find

There's something you should know

You've got a place to go

(You've got a place to go)

I used to say, "I" and "me"

Now it's "us", now it's "we"

(I used to say, "I" and "me")

(Now it's "us", now it's "we")

Ben, most people would turn you away

I don't listen to a word they say

They don't see you as I do

I wish they would try to

I'm sure they'd think again

If they had a friend like Ben

(A friend)

Like Ben

(Like Ben)

Like Ben

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Is that a real dog? I thought it was one of those toys that you used to see back in the day, in the rear window of a chevy-you know-and his head nods up and down. Like a bouble head. I figured Dave was into the retro-thing, you know, lava lamps, bean bag chairs and all. FUNKY


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Dave G.,

Are you feeling happy, angry, disgusted, and shocked all once? Or is that a rating system for our various replies? Please don't be angry with us. We're just expressing our opinions on critters of questionable species. And I thought Rich was especially sensitive.

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Well the person who started all this had better get out of the hospital and quick, because I miss his humor. I've had fun with this because it gets us away from cancer, if only just for a few minutes. No hurt feeling, only my side hurst from laughing so much. Love my dog.

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Hey Dave...

My hamster just died and I have the exercise wheel and all his little hamster toys and stuff if you want it for the "dog" :wink:

Since you have the harness and stuff already on him, maybe you can put him in the exercise wheel, hook the wheel up to the electricity and have him power a night light or something.

Just a thought! 8)

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Hey Fay,

DNA results came back positive, identifying Dave G's pet as a new species called a "chihuarat!" David A., did you hear about the time Dave G. took his little cihuarat with him to the golf course? Yeah, after he played a few rounds, he and his new species friend went into the club bar to throw back a few. Dave sat down and placed his little friend on the bar, next to this guy that looked a little queasy. A few minutes later the guy could no longer hold back and blew chunks. The guy looked down to see the chihuarat struggling in the vomit and said, "Whoa, I sure don't remember eating that!!!" Ha Ha Heeee Heeee!!!


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Oh MY Goodness!!!!!!!! Cheryl, that's IT! (figuratively AND literally!) A Chihuarat! And, Cary, the picture is such a good likeness, but I really think that the one you posted from last year looks more life like. Dave G's recent picture looks like the eyes are made of glass.

Dave G., are you sure your pet hasn't spent time [recently] in the company of a taxidermist?

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I have been following the saga on poor Dave G.'s............poor Dave's.... :?:?:?:?:? Well, what ever you want to call it, it sure looked alot like the picture Cary posted. WOW Cary, do you take Dave's thingy for a walk?????? And it sounded like the vomit Cheryl spoke of. And Dave G says it leaves a calling card when it sits on your lap. Well, so can rabbits, but they're cute! Poor Dave's???????????????????????????? It goes back to what my mom use to say. If you can't say anything good about something then don't say anything at all?!

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Therefore, I'm not saying anything. It wouldn't be nice. So far be it from me to make a snide comment about someone's beloved pet, even if it is a half-drowned rodent that weighs two 1/4 ounces after a big meal while soaking wet. Why, to say such things might even border on rude!! Banish the thought!! Tie me to a tree and make me watch Lassie reruns if I criticize anyone's half-starved limp imitation of a dog! Even if it is true that any one of my cats could beat up the thing with two paws tied behind its back! Even Crystal, the sweetest little girl cat in the world, would whip that anorexic thing's tail in seconds. But I'm much too polite to utter a word about it. After all, people LOVE their pets, no matter how genetically disadvantaged they may be. And it's wrong to hold anything against the pathetic excuse for an animal just because its mother was a field mouse and its father a hyperthyroid gerbil. So, I'm taking the high road and not saying anything. Not a thing, no sir. No sirrrreeeee.......not one thing.

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