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Better late than never...Finally Found a Support Group


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I had looked several times for a support group for SCLC, finding none, I started my own Blog: Born-2Survive.blogspot.com ; in hopes of getting an idea what I was up against for a me. 


My journey started the 13th of August with an official diagnosis.  I was hospitalized with a 6.1 Cent. sized tumor in the top of my right lung-which had already collapsed in that area-on the same day.  6 weeks before, there was nothing showing on an x-rays...I just felt a little on the crummy side.  PCP request a full x-ray from neck to top of my thighs.  I had asthma as a child and young woman...later I would have some problems with pneumonia and finally with COPD... (I quit smoking some 30 years ago) Needless to say, lung cancer was in my vocabulary for me.  I would remain in the hospital for nearly two weeks.  What a mess.


Turns out my sodium level was low, a dead give away for what I was going to be battling.  My late brother-in-law had been saturated with Agent Orange in Nam and I still have the autopsy reports...  Took the VA and Government 20 years to acknowledge that Agent Orange was the cause of his death...1987.  You can imagine the shock I felt when I put 2 and 2 together. 


I was not doing well when I was allowed to go home... on the 22 of August.  By the 7th of Sept, I was rushed back to the hospital via Ambulance...I was in renal shutdown.  I would be hospitalized another week.  My 1st Chemo series was late at night and really hard on me. I was still a mess.  :oops: I had already survived 2009 with two different Breast Cancers-one while in treatment for the 1st. :cry:  :-P


I was sent home again.  This time with an RN and PT... and some help. :|  I lasted until November and would be admitted to hospital, again--this time with pneumonia.  I had only had two Chemo series, and started Radiation (it will be some 37 when finished).  I had to deal with Thanksgiving and out of town guests.  I am now back on track with what looks like I am doing much better.  20 days without any problems.  I am trusting that I will survive and go on with what is left with my life. :-P


I have learned and researched much about this type of cancer for my own interest and need to survive.  Learning new ways to keep breathing, change of RX's and OTC RX's...food :?; has been a real learning curve for me.  And, I do have somewhat of medical background. 


I have been reading some of the stories already, and find I am pretty normal reactions as I have read some of you have written.  Makes me feel like I am on the right tract. :-P 


I look forward to reading and sharing.

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Welcome.  Boy you had a real rough few months !   Glad you are doing better now.  My husband was a Navy Vet.  He was off shore of Vietnam.  Later he was put on a new ship a couple of times being built.  They are exposed to aspestos in the shipyard and I washed his uniforms.  No one mentioned " be careful" it could cause lung cancer.  Also when I was a teen everyone on TV smoked even during the news broadcast.  They never mentioned it was bad for you.

I hope you tolerate the chemo well.  I have a friend from a local support group that just sent me an email that she moved to a one level house.  She is a small cell lung cancer survivor of about 15 yrs.  Keep us posted. 


Donna G

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Welcome to the group dawn5798.


We are here for you. I'm glad you read some of the others stories we have here and it gave you hope.


You mentioned you are researching, LUNGevity has an "Ask the Experts" area on the website. Here is the link if you are interested in exploring: http://lungevity.org/about-lung-cancer/ask-experts


Please keep us posted in how you are doing. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime. calmendarez@lungevity.org

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:-PI just read Don's journey...way to go;  was pleased to see that I am not the only one who is aware of my body and tend to think outside the box.  Now that I have my onc team supporting me, I can take more chances by asking and suggesting treatments. 


Thank you so much for your welcomes... I kind of felt like I was hanging out to dry and rudderless.  BWG.  


While I had been on good eating habits and pretty darn healthy for my age...was surprised by this diagnosis.  I am now told to eat everything I had stopped eating over the years, dairy (which I loved when I was young), starchy and red meat ( my stomach wasn't happy with) but plenty of fish, fresh fruit and veggies.  I had quit smoking so long ago, (abt 30 yrs)...I had turned into "one of them."  The person who turned up her nose at smokers---never said a word...just the look.... :?


I find it hard to drink so much whole milk (still like the taste of it)...Ice cream, instead of sorbet...you all know the drill.  Onc says, if I can get it into my mouth, eat it.  My blood draws are getting better each time.  My sodium is back to normal... My tumor is down to "I think it is right there" from the 6.1.  I still have another 4 weeks f rad and one more chemo... secretly, I think the last chemo is not doing anything, anymore.  I believe the rad is doing the horse work, now. 


I, too, went to the Lord....he answered me.  I have been assured that I will indeed be cured and he isn't done with me on this planet....just yet.  I have a church to help build and plan to be a part of it.  I have been given a gift to minister to Pastors and have been surprised when it occurs...they come to me to encourage me and it is I G_d has used to encourage them.  I cannot wait until the 2nd of January when I have my last rad... and get a clean bill of health to start the next phase of my life.


I keep telling my friends, that I might just live to be 104...my family tree has those wonderful longevity genes... I will keep posting on here and on my Blog  "Born 2Survive".  I feel there are many people who need encouragement and promise of survival. :-P  I am also on FB. 



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welcome ! Love the lofty aspirations adn goals ahead of you! don't let anyone tell ya too slow down!!! Nice to meet you! sorry it has to be this way though!!

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