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Tuesdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                           Just dropped by my house from Liz'es,my daughter was having some problem with the central heating combi boiler,she had been bleeding air from the radiators,did'nt realise system has to be topped up with water to replace void created by the trapped air,anyway all radiators working at full capacity now.

      Been doing some Christmas shopping with Liz,her doing most of the spending LOL,looking forward to having Christmas dinner with my family,Jennifer is playing host at my home,I will help with the dishes though.

      I have developed a chest infection which has given me a really annoying cough that is interupting my sleep,we visited my GP,Liz was keen on me having a referral for a chest X-ray given my history,Doc was unwilling saying 4 days with a cough dos'nt justify an X-ray,so I have a two week course of oxytetracycline to take,if problem persists come back to the surgery.Hopefully the pills will do the trick.

    I was invited to Liz'es nursing home last week in the guise of Santa Claus,she said I was the only one she could get that did'nt require some stuffing "up their duke"  as we say in Scotland,that is, to enlargen the tummy area,blooming cheek,I should have refused,anyway it was an absolute pleasure to pass out prezzies to all the elderly residents.

  Merry Christmas Everyone,may you have a wonderful festive season and 2015.

   Bye for now.

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