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Hi everyone,


I am hoping for some advice/insights on good ways to talk to potential employers about FMLA as a caregiver. I have been working as a contracting consultant since before my mom became ill but today found out that my current contract will be terminated at the end of the month (not unusual for my line of work but not awesome timing). I will be looking for new employment at the end of the month. My current employer was understanding and flexible with time as I travel to help my mom once a month, and I was able to work odd hours on days I accompanied her to chemo or dr appointments and on days when extra help around the house was needed. I am worried about finding a job now where I can continue to be able to be with my mom like that.


Do you have advice on whether I should broach this topic during interviews (like at what point) and what is the best way to approach it? I'm not really educated in FMLA and since I often contract that's not really an option in some jobs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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