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Pulmonologist's Role?


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Hi. My husband ( 66 and a smoker for over 50 yrs.) has been diagnosed by the VA as having lung cancer. They didn't yet know the stage or type.


Today we are going to see a pulmonologist. I was wondering what role one of those plays in the health care.


I can't say how scared and worried I am. My husband has withdrawn and is spending a lot of time sitting on the patio by himself. He doesn't want to talk about it and I won't force him. Which leaves me feeling pretty alone. My family are all gone or far away so I don't have a lot of local support.


Sorry, I didn't mean to run on. Just please answer the original question if you can.

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Hello.  Sorry you are going through this.  I imagine your husband is acting as most men would  ,  " like a tough guy" 



I can not say for sure what that Dr 's role is but what I can imagine it might be. If your husband smoked that long he might surely need help quiting. 

Also he might need an evaluation of what his lung capacity is or is he able to maintain good Oxygen sats.  Will he need help to tolerate his needed treatment.


Please be there for the times your husband may open up and talk  He will need someone nonjudgemental to listen to him.


Keep us posted.


Donna G 


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Thanks. We just got back from the visit. He told us the cancer is in both lungs and also the lymph nodes are involved. He will set up a PET scan and an appt. with an oncologist.


I guess it doesn't get anymore real than this, does it?

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Just wanted to say that you and your husband are not alone. There are many of us here fighting the same battle. The Oncologist will play the major role here and will answer all your questions. Write them down before the appointment because it does become very overwhelming that first appointment.

Please come back with questions or just to vent. We are here for you and your husband.



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