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New here and need to talk


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Husband was diagnoused May 16th 2014 with Squamous lung cancer tumor  he also has COPD/Emphysema ,he did 37 Radiations and 9 Chemos,last chemo was Oct 11th,got pneumonia Oct 26th,just did CT scan Jan 8th they found 3 -1 cm.noduales in both lungs ,he can't do the surgery because lungs are not in good shape .he is on oxygen 24/7.so now back to chemo.But my question is why wont they give us a diagnoses,Doctor just said he will eventually die of cancer. He is 62 yrs old,I asked if he was in remission the 1st time,they said no he is just stable :( i live day by day not knowing what to exspect next,thank you for listening .Barbie

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Can not understand why tehy won't diagnos this and tell you more..... What Chemo regiment is he on?? any other info they wil give you? and witha Doctor like that you should  try for second opinion.. that is BS and in very poor taste fora doctor tote ll you that.... You should have a proactive doctor in your corner forghting for your husband...

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