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Doing better...


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Thank all of you for your support, suggestions and encouragement.

Dean is feeling much better. The radiology doctor gave him the remainder of the week off from radiation. It is already helping!

He had chemo yesterday, but because his platelets were low, he only got the Navelbene. At least his rbc was up to 11.4! First time it has broken 10 in ages!

He is feeling so much better.

Thanks again for everything!


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Good news indeed!! Gotta love Wal-Mart. I spent many days there during my treatments just wondering around, mainly to get out and get a little exercise. Bethany is a beautiful girl, aren't they all Daqddies Girl? I know mine is.

PS.-I lived in Vernon TX until I was 8 years old and remember going to the big city of Wichita Falls a few times. Small world.

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