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NSMLC called Sarcomatoid Carcinoma of the lung


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They finally diagnosed my husband at the VA. It is stage IV Sarcomatoid carcinoma of both lungs with the entire chest wall involved and the lymph nodes.


From what little I can find out about this on line it is very, very aggressive. In 14 days I've watched him go from normal to skinny, pale shaking and dying.


They sent us home from the hospital last night with hospice. All these machines and all these medicines are terrifying. I feel so overwhelmed.


They are giving him 6-8 weeks most likely. I am scared and want to talk to someone who has been through this.


Last month we were on a cruise ship having a great time. How could something like this happen so fast?


Thanks in advance for any help or support you can offer.

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Is it the same as pulmonary artery sarcoma? My friend was diagnosed with this rare cancer. He had surgery but his latest PET scans showed extensive lung infiltrates on both sides. He is given less than 6 months. I just read about Eisai trial drug Eribulin showing promise in soft tissue sarcoma.

Hope this helps

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