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CT Shows Imaged lung bases are clear... I won...sort of...


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I am about to start chemo for Liver Cancer. Topotecan (Hycamptin) 3 weeks on 1 off with Neulasta day after last dose in cyle...


Control/Maintenance: Symptom Management.  SCLC was tough enough to battle...   8/13/2014-1/27/2015


My Ong says this is probably a genetic thing... No cure, but??? What has been the reactions of anyone who is/has been dealing with this.  I am still feeling great and will begin the new chemo Feb 9... Would appreciate any feedback...this was so not expected.





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Only 5 months of treatment, sounds like so far you have had a very good response to the chemo if your lung bases are clear.


I never have heard of genetic SCLC. 


Hope the liver responds well to this new plan, keep us posted.


I have a friend who is over 15 years of surviving SCLC, wish you the best also.



Donna G

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HI Dawn,

Is your liver cancer a secondary primary or is it a metastasis of the lung cancer?  I've never herd of genetic small cell lung cancer either- interested to learn more.

Good luck and please keep us posted.


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Lost the battle with liver and adrenal cancers. They grew faster and larger than treatment could handle. The 14th all treatment ended. I am now on hospice. Dr. Would deny metastatic cancer... trying to get all my ducks in a row. I have no answers, yet. Trying to make it to June or July. I can no longer cook. Trying to sell as much as I can for a trust fund for my daughter. I have a super team and great friends, trying to pick up the pieces. I am sorry I haven't been on line for big. Will try to do better. It's a battle I thought I won.... foolish me...

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