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NSCLC adenocarcinoma stage 4 in NZ


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Hi - we are new at this and my neighbour has just been diagnosed with NSCLC, stage 4, adenocarcinoma at Christmas. Luckily she has it absolutely nowhere else in her body - but it is through both lungs. She has been told here in NZ that surgery is not an option and is starting her first round of chemo this week of Gemcitabine and carboplatin. They did test her for Iressa - but it was not compatible. Really just looking for anyone out there who has a similar thing, and has been treated with the same drug, or another drug that we can ask about. wanting to hear and learn as much as possible so I can support her. If there was something that wasn't offered in NZ - but in Australia - here husband would put her on a plane tomorrow. Wanting to hear success stories please...

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My husband had the same diagnosis as your neighbor and he also took the came chemo combination.  The chemo combo was too harsh on his system so they changed him to Tarceva.  Please let us know how your neighbor is doing.  


I'm sure others will follow with more information for you.  ((hugs))

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