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Rockford needs advice for elderly wife


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My wife diagnosed with stage IV ling gander. Had six sessions f side effects. Oncologist says cancer now shrunk 50%. Doc wants to continue chemo treatments but wife had such bad side effects in past that she is unwilling to continue. To survive does she have any options besides chemo. She is 79 yrs old. To me, just a couple more good years would make treatment worth side effects.p

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You have to respect the wishes of the person fighting this of course... Sometimes the battle is hardest when it starts... this being that once you get through the first few rounds it does get easier but...


What chemo was she getting??  glad to hear it worked of course and so sorry bout side effects... Can you ask Doctor about chance for tarceva maybe?? My wife had Tarceva at home so no trips to Hospital except for check ups.... As you saw that can be very effective for some folks.. Don S is on it for 5 years now and having great luck. many others are also.


What stage is her cancer at?  How is she feeling over all and how is her mindset? the cancer does get to a person alo mentally and have known lots of folks taking meds for depression at some point and time. How are You doing ? being a caretaker is also very taxing on a person and the caretaker gets overlooked also! you have to take care of yourself to take care of your wife...

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I think it's time for a frank conversation with your wife's doctor to see if there are things that can help her.  Have you looking into Palliative Care?  Don't mistake this for hospice care- you can have palliative care while you are in treatment and it can help with quality of life.  Here is a link for more info http://lungevity.org/support-survivorship/get-connected/blog/what-palliative-care-means 

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