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Seven years cancer free but new concerns


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I was diagnosed with a stage III lung cancer in April 2008. After a summer of radiation and chemo, followed by a lobectomy of my upper right lung, more chemotherapy, and ending with prophylactic whole brain radiation 10 months later.
Over the past year, or probably longer, I have been experiencing situations of being overwhelmed to the point that I must rest; slow processing information; slow to react; too much distance between thought and speech; loosing my train of thought in conversations; memory inconsistencies; easily disoriented, and more.
I see a neurologist, had neuropsych testing, and was prescribed aricept. I do not have Alzheimer's.
In addition to all the chemo, my new concern is progressive side effects from whole brain radiation.
Has anyone else experienced this?


NOW in 2016, I am taking Namzaric which combines memantine and donepezel in one pill as prescribed by neurologist. I take nuvigil on a daily basis to combat fatigue. 

My radiologist said I would not be here without brain radiation. She said we are in uncharted waters in my post treatment because we have so few survivors who had brain radiation.

I am coping with the side effects of brain radiation by stopping or reducing activities that I are difficult and taxing, but also trying to find new things that I can do.

Would I have this treatment again? Yes, absolutely. I knew the side effects going into treatment and was not surprised when they appeared. 

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Hello, I had stage 3B lung cancer also, diagnosed in 1997.  I had 2 chemos and daily radiation to my chest, then R upper Lobectomy then 2 chemos post op .   I have some lasting affects from that as neuropathy particularly in my feet.  I never had brain radiation.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


Donna G

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