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scared to death


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Not really sure what to say here i have a rare form of cancer that attacks the lungs and other parts of the body its called langerhans cell hystosis.I am 49 and on 6 liters of air andstarting chemo this week for lungs and a brain tumor as well. I am not sure what to expect and doctors are not very forthcoming with information. So here i sit in limbo and terrified

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Hello.  I understand this is not a cancer that originates in the lung.  They say that most people survive this disorder of the blood but many have long term consequences.


Sorry to hear that you are suffering like this.  It is very scarry to have such a severe problem breathing.



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Hi Alive

I like the name you selected here! You are alive and a survivor!

I used to get overwhelmed by the statistics my docs gave me.

But in the last few years I have met so many survivors that contradict the statistics they were given!!

Sorry to hear you have received such a hard report. It is very difficult when no one seems able to give the information we want and need. Hope you get more clarification soon!


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