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Introducing Myself

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Hi I'm Angie

I am 72, Diagnosed with Stage II adenocarcinoma January 2014, right lower lobectomy in February.  No chemotherapy or radiation.  So far so good but concerned in case I need chemo in the future as I have another condition that might make that touchy.  Does anyone know if there are targeted or immune therapies for lung cancer at this time?


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Hi Angie. Welcome .  Did the Doctor mention Targeted therapy?  They do a special test to see if you qualify.  Not everyone does.

You must be just 2 months since surgery,. How is your chest doing.  Are you off pain meds?   When are you scheduled for a follow up CT?

Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


Donna G

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Hi Donna


Thanks for responding.  I am a bit over a year out from surgery.  Off pain meds.  Targeted therapy was not mentioned so far.  The only thing in my reports that might be targetable was the EGFR Wild type and I am looking into that on the Internet.  Have a CT scan in two weeks.  So far things are pretty good but last time 3 mos ago something appeared which from the reports seemed to be related to a bit of fluid at the site of the surgery turned up.  The something was a small air pocket at the top of that lung.  I asked what it meant but got the "Let's see in 3 mos story"  So the next one is "three mos" and I guess I will know more.  I am concerned.  I am unhappy that my oncologist is so un-forthcoming. Also have an appointment that week for a second opinion.  My chest has been pretty much OK but a little tight for the last 6 mos which I also mentioned to my oncologist with not much response.  It also allergy season (severe) here and post-nasla drip time.  So I will see and compare what she has to say with the 2nd op.  Thanks Again

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Hi Angie,

My story is somewhat similar to yours, diagnosed last spring with BAC, surgery in June, no chemo or radiation. Just had followup CT scan in March & oncologist didn't like the look of my "surgical area" so sent me for PET scan yesterday. Will get results this afternoon.

I know it's hard to be patient finding out what's going on when we're dealing with cancer, but I think it's a good thing that your oncologist is not rushing into a diagnosis. If she were certain about what your scan indicated, surely she would have told you. 

Maybe you can work up a list of questions for your next appointment so that you will feel like she's giving you whatever information she has. Also, I hope you are bringing someone along with you to your appointments; for me, that support was critical.

Try to be positive & let us know how you're doing!

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