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New to Site and Introduction

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In Aug 2015 I was told that I had a spot on my lung and that I needed to get a CAT Scan, after the CAT Scan we moved into the PET Scan and then the biopsy. To say the least it took everyone till the second week of January to final figure out that I had StageIIIA lung cancer. I am still trying to wrap my head around this and can't really say how I feel yet. I was still working on planning on retiring in July and doing some things now I am not sure in what direction I am going.


I have completed by radiation treatment and chemo and seeing by doctor on the 23rd of April to see where we will go from there. I will say this much makes you enjoy every day that your feet hit the ground. But I know that there is still a lot of emotional issues that I am still working through and a lot of anger. I anyone one has any suggestions on how to get through this I am all ears and willing to listen to the help because I know I am not the first person to have gone through this.

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Hello and welcome.  You have done one of the things you need to do , you found us.   Finding  support and information , a place to air your feelings are all very important for you.


They saw the spot last August? It took 5 months to diagnose?  Glad they got your treatment going. I started with daily radiation and 2 chemo drugs.  The follow up CT showed it responded.

then I had surgery to remove my right upper lobe and more chemo after. Let us know what your next step is.  Keep us posted.


See below to find the story of my journey, It was tough but I am so thankful I am here to tell you about it.


Donna G

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