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Peggi is my name


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I just realized I joined a year ago, but never introduced myself.  I've been battling lung cancer for 3 yrs. now.  I had the initial surgery where 2 lobes were removed along with 13 lymph nodes from my neck. For an unknown reason, my vocal cord was knicked in the process and I can hardly talk.  I've had 4 throat surgeries with no success.  Cancer has come back twice; the latest in 12/14.  Went through 33 radiation treatments + chemo; when it came back again, I had 5 cyber knife radiation treatments and am continuing with Avastin infusions every 3 wks. and I take a daily chemo pill.  The reason I'm telling you all this, is in case someone has a question I might be able to help with, let me know.

I also want to run this by:  I feel incredibly selfish in asking, but is anyone aware of a resource that I might get a waterbed donated?  I don't have a bed.  With my 5 types of arthritis, a waterbed would help tremendously.  I own nothing of any value and have no money after I pay my rent.  I am very much blessed; God has given me everything I need which is what keeps me going. God bless you all. :-P

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Hi Peggy    Boy you really are waging the battle!    I sleep on an air mattress which helps me a lot with "left over"  chest pain from

my treatment.  Is that what you want ?  Do you really mean a mattress full of water? 

Do you attend a church ?  Do they know you need help?  I don't know of a specific charity right now.

Glad you told your story.  I am sure you will help someone else with It.   Keep us posted on what you find.


Donna G

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Hi Peggi,

Thank you for introducing yourself. We are glad you to have you as someone who can help us with advice. As for the waterbed, I would ask a family member to start a GoFundMe page for you and ask friends and family to help donate towards that investment. Please keep us posted. 

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