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No change!


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Introduced myself May 4th, and this is my follow-up.  No Change.......What I have figured out, is that you become the driver of this illness.  I can sit back, and become enveloped in the fear, or take the high road.  I chose the high road. What I understand about the type of cancer I have, it's slow growing.  It was stage 1A before I had my radiation treatments, and it shrunk by 38%. So now I figure it's stage 1----A.  In other words, it's there, and will be, except by the grace of God.  And that's whose hands, it's in.  Can't ask for a greater healer.


With my COPD being severe, that is what makes life somewhat difficult.  I'm on level 3 with my oxygen, and have found a great backpack to carry it in.  I'm able to put the tubing through the headphones area, and it works perfect.  Only wish I could find colored cannulas, I could coordinate with my outfits.  


With too much time on my hands, I have started a Blog.  It was going to be about my journey with lung cancer and COPD, but have decided to have it about my life.  Nothing fantastic there, but I was raised in a very mentally and physically abusive environment.  I've faced some horrific nightmares, and have, at the most part, landed right side up!


I'll keep you all posted! 

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Hi Joyce, 

Thank you for updating us. We are waiting with you. My favorite part of your post was, "I've faced some horrific nightmares, and have, at the most part, landed right side up!". I'm sure that describes many of us. Good luck with your blog, and we look forward to hearing form you soon. 

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Thanks for the update.  No change sounds great to me.

I think the view from the highroad is great !  Scientifically it has been proven that

even making a laughing sound and putting it with a smile on your face is good for you.

It raises good hormones and makes you healthier. 


Donna G

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:-P Thank you all so much for your comments.  It's people like you that makes everything worth while.  It's amazing, I have found that strangers are kinder, concerned and helpful than my family.  When I'm in Walmart, riding on the cart, I can't tell you how many people want to help me to get things from the top shelf.  By the time my shopping trip has ended, I'm tired, and have a difficult time breathing. The kind words, have actually brought me to tears.  


:cry: Randy, I went to your memory site for Deborah.  The love you had for your is astounding.  God Bless! 

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