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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                        I hope you are all well,enjoying Spring,we do have some strange weather here in Scotland,April was super,sunny warm and rain free,I enjoyed getting on with garden chores planting and fence painting,even getting a bit of a tan on my peelie wallie Scottish body (thats very pale to you guys).The weather people have informed us that was the best April the UK has had since records began.What a disapointment May has been,I have lost quite a few of my new plantings to frost,this is more like February weather,whatever happened to Global Warming?.Anyway I am off to sunny Tenerife next Tuesday,suntan a certainty.

      I have moved permanently into Liz'es lovely house in Morningside,Newmains my daughter conversely has moved into my Airdrie home,everyone seems perfectly happy with the arrangement.I have at last talked Liz into getting broadband installed,so its more than likely I will be posting  in here more often-was that a groan I heard?.

      I have mentioned here prior I think,to having joined a committee set up by the Government in partnership with MacMillan Nurses to fund to the tune of £5 million pounds over the next 5 years to support post cancer treatment patients.

My first meeting was in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago.

.Our committee is made up entirely of a wide range of types of cancer survivors,hence my inclusion for a  lung cancer representative,we arearged along with a similar Macmillan committee in deciding which individuals or groups proposals for funding support to post treatment cancer patients.Currently there are 26 different groups operating that have had their funding approved,our task is also to monitor their progress.I have been invited  to meet the top managers of the committees in Glasgow this afternoon to discuss my first impressions of the workings of the committee.The good news is we are meeting in a Italian restaurant so I am looking forward to a lovely lunch.Sorry about the typo above "we are charged" as it should read,the system here dos'nt allow for space to correct it just types over your existing words.

      I must go now and get ready for my meet up,bye everyone,have a great day.


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Sorry Guys,not for the first time it seems I have double clicked my post.Hopefully some kind moderator will delete one of the posts?

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