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My Dad's new diagnosis...yikes.


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Hi everyone.  I've been over on the Colon Club boards for 2 months learning all I could about Colon cancer, but last week, after a new diagnosis, I've abandoned that community and found this community.  Boy, can I use some information and I'm hoping you all can help me.  Here's the story:


Early April, my dear 77 yo Dad had emergency bowel resection (no colostomy) with 5 of 12 lymphs showing cancer indicators.  After 10 days in the hospital, we were told of a spot on the lung.  We knew about it, as regular check-ups had indicated no concern and most likely a result of pneumonia bout he'd had 15 years ago.  But this time, a PET scan indicated it was "lit up".  So chemo for the colon delayed, while we checked out this spot.  A biopsy done, indicated cancer, and surgery would remove it.  Once the surgery was performed, the pulmonologist noted the lung had 20-30 spots  (I've since learned they were too small to be seen on a scan). We were devastated...this was not good at all.  Now, the path report indicated the two cancers are different and not mets of each other.  So, forget the colon for now, we are now scheduled to start new chemo cocktail tomorrow morning for Stage 4 LC.


Here's what I know:  He will be given a cocktail of Carboplatin, Alimta and some Avastin tossed in for good measure.  I think I know all the side effects of these new drugs and I've prepared my folks for all that and armed them with all the solutions to combat those side effects.  He will take 2 steroid pills today, 3 nausea pill tomorrow, and 2 steroid pills the day after treatment.  He will be monitored for white cell count, and given an infusion of the same if it drops too low.  He will be "off" two weeks, and then another round is scheduled. 


I'm curious about the drugs ability to fight all those spots?  Will they shrink the "spots" into something manageable?  Will it kill the cancer?  Should I be asking about another drug?  Like Tarceva?  Seems everyone is on something different, and I'm trying to learn all I can, but this is overwhelming.  I can barely think.  My Mom is like a zombie, and I'm an only child and doing the research to determine what's best, what the drugs do, how long, etc... Is there something I should ask about?  Another drug?  One with better results for a 77 yo?


I'm also learning a lot on various message boards about Alkaline diets.  Have y'all heard about this? We first learned of this from a nurse at the hospital.  She has cancer and wouldn't take chemo as a defense to cancer.  She told my folks all about this diet.  I was stunned she'd say such a thing to a patient, but now that I've looked into it, I see many patients taking the chemo along with this diet.  Seems carrots, cucumbers, celery, watermelon are high alkaline foods.  Cancer can't survive in an alkaline environment.  Dad is ready to fight, and I'm so proud of him for going after this with a fury of madness.  Anything you can provide, I'll sure ask about it, research it, or demand info about it.  I'm their voice, so thank you for helping educate me with any and all thoughts.  Godspeed to you all.

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