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I'm trying to get my dad logged on to this site


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Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2004 7:06 pm Post subject: connie



I think I just found the problem....from my own hands...lol I typed in my dads username as ingunjoe722. He told me that I spelled it wrong. It was suppose to have been injunjoe722. My own computer that rests on top of my shoulders is having a malfunction today....lol

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me figure out my own mistake... :roll:


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I'm a little clearer now than earlier....I had written a nice, well thought out post, and then I hit preview. I stared to correct a (wouldn't you know it) a misspelled word and I lost the whole thing... :x so, I called my dad first before starting a new post.....after I told him what I had done he asked about how to get into this site....oh, what a big day this was for me. I've been researching his cancer since March of last year and this will be his first attempt into a message board. I know he will love it after he gets use to using and posting. Anyway, I think I was so excited that I just didn't listen close to him when he told me his screen name. This does not mean I will never misspell words again though...lol Since he is going to post here I may let him tell his story, but I think I will post to the big "introduce yourself" forum for myself because I only posted in the late stage NSCLC forum for myself. For the last ten months I have posted to a head and neck cancer message board. This is the place I need to be now... :( I wish I would have thought to come here in November -03 but I was so busy searching websites that I did not stop for a moment to look for LC message boards...nevertheless I'm here.... :)

I like the pictures that you and the others put up...this is a great idea. No one on the head and neck board did this....I 'm sure they would have if it were possible.

Will talk with you soon....thanks for the nice post!


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