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Cumadin and clots


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Hi. They put my mom on cumadin for at least 6 months for the blood clots and my dad gives her two shots the next ten days.

Has anyone heard if cumadin causes a delay for surgery? Our goal is surgery for my mom after the fourth or fifth chemo cycle since it is shrinking. She started her fourth round today. They wait a month after chemo though for surgery. The nurse said the cumadin should not delay b/c they can give her shots. I was just wondering if anyone had experience with cumadin and surgery.

I am so anxious today. Sorry!

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With both meds your mom is taking, they will stop giving them to her just before any scheduled surgery. Randy's was stopped the afternoon before his last surgery and then restarted right after the surgery was done.

Have they put in a filter yet for your mom? I know Randy had one put in to catch any clots that might form in the lower part of the body.

But to answer your question, yes they can still do the surgery but they will take her off the blood thinners before they do it and more than likely they will restart the blood thinners afterwards.

It is doable.

Best of luck to you both.


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Thank you for the reply! I don't know what is wrong with me. My parents called me and said if I don't calm down, I am going to go first. My husband told me today to slow down. And apparently I sounded frazzled when I called my mother in law, that my father in law made her come home to call me back! :) I guess it is the cancer roller coaster ride, the hope with shrinkage, the fear of the clots, and the fact that I have one month till the big wedding and I have not been thinking about it.

I will tell my mom about the filter, she does not have that, but it is good to know that they might be able to do something preventative!

Thank you!

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So David,

Does this mean you might let her borrow your hat for a day or too???

It really is kind of cute.

Andrea, take a deep breath girl. When stuff like this happens try to break it down into smaller parts and then try and deal with the smaller parts. I know it is hard, but as everything we do in life, one step at a time. Slow down and smell the coffee....then take a double dose of it and get rolling again.

Best of luck to both of you....

Much love,


p.s. I wonder if we should have a contest to see who has the most beautiful hat. I bet there are some good ones out there. :lol:

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