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Explaination...I've wrongfully described my father's cancer.


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Hi Connie,

I see where a huge problem in understanding my posts could exist. In both introduction posts. Before I learned a little about this website I posted here where I'am now, posting a short introduction. Earlier today I posted in the main "introduce yourself" section antother introduction. Your right...I have made a bad mistake in my description of what kind of cancer my dad has. It is squamous cell carcinoma (SKIN CANCER) that has moved to the lungs. Skin cancer that moved to the head and neck and then to the lungs... I do understand what area I'm in and that it is not exactly specific to my fathers situation. I'm sure sorry about this misunderstanding and I hope I have not led anyone into a stray or confused anyone. Thanks for pointing out this error to me!! I'll cut and past this into the other topic site titled Explaination...


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