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good scan why depressed


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Hi to all- Hope you are having a good weekend. Went to onc. thurs. to discuss recent scan. Report no inprovement of left lung tumor did not shrink but did not grow small plural effusion lower left lobe area of lung. Of the four liver lesions only one remains and it is very small. Swelling on left adrenal glad has not changed in a year they ae calling it volume. perhaps the barium that takes me awhile to get rid of just guessing no one seemed concerned.And finally stable disease. All ggod news so why am i so depressed? Just thinking of doom. Last few days just can't get with it thinking so negative. Does this sound like anything any of you have had? Thanks Carlton

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Yes, we have all been there. It is hard stay positive when you live with tis disease 24/7. I like Dean Carl's advice to someone..."Take a vacation from the cancer." Try to find something that brings you pleasure, so you can forget about cancer for a while. You live in Fla. too. I lived there for a while, and found it to be like on vacation all of the time. I began to take all of the scenery for granted. It is tough to even get out of bed in the morning when you have cancer, but force yourself to plan activities for the day, don't isolate yourself either. Do you have support through family or friends? Try to focus on the positive, and not the negative.

Your news does sound encouraging. I wish You the best!


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Scans seem to pull out the negative and depression in me...it all begins about a week prior to the scan. I feel out of sorts and bite off the heads of those closest to me for mere transgressions, if ANYTHING... Then comes the scan/x-ray and the anxiety of waiting a week for results... After all the waiting, good news is still not "wonderful" because of all the emotion that was tied up in it - and it's always second guessed...I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall all the time!

I think it's hard for any of us to be "elated" with even the best news because it is never a guarantee that this horrible bedmate will never come back, this monster under the bed is very real and always present. I seem to have the "...so far" reply tacked on to good news, just can't take the good news as it is, just as breathing room...

BUT, I'm working on that! (RIIIIIIGHT, like it'll be any different the next time I have scans).

Give yourself about a week for it to wear off and get back to life as usual.


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Carlton your reaction is normal. Like Becky described, I was on edge the entire week prior to scan. Guess what? My mom's tumor showed shrinkage. But am I happy? No b/c she has blood clots and still who knows what will happen next scan, it is all uncertainty.

The good thing is knowing that our emotions are NORMAL and take comfort in that others are feeling the same way. It is like phew, I am not as mentally insane as I thought ;) Everyone else gets this way too! :) I cannot imagine how I wo uld be without the prozac.

Here is what I told people this week when I gave the scan results, I prefaced that with lung cancer, there is NO good news. I said there is bad news, stable news, or positive/encouraging news sand I bite off heads when they wrote back great news about shrinkage. Who wants to jinx it and i said in 5 years you can tell my mom her scan in 2004 was great news ;)

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