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Duke of Earl - Chapter 56 - 'The Wife Is Mad'


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Earl is a very smart man. Now the story.

Some may remember, that in late September, Earl went outside about 10:30 at night. I don't know why he went out and I was asleep on the couch and trust me I am a deep sleeper.

The short version, he feel face first on the driveway, it started to rain, it took him 1-1/2 hours to crawl back into the house. He was a bloody mess and lost most of the skin on his face. Did he learn a lesson. Nope.

Yesterday, I was out running errands. Earl decided he was feeling better than he had in 6 months so he went out to retrieve a bird feeder that had fallen. Now the feeder was lying on a steep hill and, oh, the hill was a solid sheet of ice. Remember, Earl has great difficulty with balance and walks with a cane.

Yep, he fell. Yep, it took him 45 minutes to crawl into the garage which is where he had gotten to when I got home.

Broken fibula. Casted from toes to knees. Not allowed to put weight on it. Hope to get appt with orthopedist Monday and get walking cast. He is trying to use a walker but it is interesting. Had to get our son here to get him in the house from the hospital.

He slept on the couch in the family room, I slept on the floor. Thank goodness, I stole the p-- bottle from the hospital.

Yep, I am mad, he really should have known better and life has been interesting enough without this. I also feel very sad for him. He was just beginning to feel better and thinking he maybe could do some things and WHAM!

We are going to practice going up and down steps on butt today. He is so weak it may not work. I will keep you updated.

Love to you all,


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Oh well the saga of Earl takes a bad turn that's for sure. Well Ginny, been there with the broken leg thing. My son broke his last year playing hockey. No fun that's for sure. Sounds like they forgot to give Earl the stairs lesson on crutches before he left the hospital.

Tyler had terrible pain at first and we had to keep on the Vicodin. They told us not to let the pain "break through" to give them whether he wanted them or not for a few days because once the pain started it would be harder to knock it back.

Also, he gained about 30 lbs from inactivity. He was able to get a walking cast later and that made it much easier.

Just what you didn't need!


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I always had to remind my husband that before he learned

to walk he had to crawl........may times a day.

I sounded like a broken record but he did not break

any bone.

Did you asked him when his next performance will be ?

Good luck, you need it.



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Aww, Ginny, I'm sorry to hear that. It's so hard on both of you. I can see it from both your sides. I know you don't want him to make more misery for himself, and yet I can just imagine looking out at that fallen bird feeder and thinking "I can go get that." It's so hard to realize that we can't do everything we used to do. I know it gets me mad when I see a ceiling lightbulb that needs changed, or anything that requires a ladder. I've always been able to do that stuff, but now I have some vertigo and it makes me dizzy and I just have to stop or fall. It would be so much worse not to be able to go outside by myself.

But, look, Earl, you've proven twice now that it's gonna cause you misery, so just wait for Ginny! There's ice on the ground in PA for gosh sake! sshhh -- don't tell Ginny, but I'm still proud of your spirit. The same determination that led you to go outside and that got you back into the garage is the determination that is helping you battle this monster disease -- just try and channel it a little more wisely.

Oh, and Ginny -- I think it's nearly impossible to steal from a hospital. Everything they open or use for you gets billed to your insurance. I know you were joking about the "stealing" part. :wink: Some hospitals tell you to take everything with you when you're discharged -- throwup basins, water pitchers, toiletries, pee-bottles, anything they've brought you to use. I notice our hospital doesn't tell you that anymore, but if you start gathering the stuff up, they just smile and maybe help you and if you ask they say "sure that's all yours". Those handy packets of pre-moistened ultra-thick washcloths they use are real good things to bring home -- and if you don't take them, they'll throw away the opened package and open a new one for the next patient.

Love and hope to both of you.


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Oh Ginny what are you going to do with him? I have a husband just like him so I can understand, when he had his first heart attack he drove himself to the hospital and then called home from there to tell us where he was. I slept through him getting up and leaving the house, glad he made it there okay but was ready to kill him for doing it. Very stubborn men, I think you are going to have to lock him in the house after this. I am sure he is sorry today that he went out there to get his bird feeder. I hope he heals quickly for his sake and for yours. If its not one thing its another. Prayers for the Duke and for you.

Bess B

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Please pass on to Earl that I think somebody is trying to tell him something and it might be a REAL good idea to LISTEN this time? :)

Consider: First time = scrapes and bruises. Second time = broken leg. Third time = ? :shock:

On a more serious note: I have some of the same "issues". I SO want to be able to do all the things I used to. But I can't. So what I try to do is find the things I CAN do and take pride in those.

Here's hoping Earl heals well and quickly!


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Oh Ginny so sorry you have all these new problems.(and extra work). It isn't going to be easy. Broke my leg 7 years ago Jim took the shower door off. Used a plastic chair and plastic bag for showers.(couldn't stand for shower and couldn't get into tub) Have you called onc. about putting off taking Iressa for a couple of weeks. Until Earl gets his walking cast with the diarrhea and rash it could be quite a battle. Thinking good thoughts for you both Carolyn

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I'm kind of like Peg, with, I don't know what to say! The wheels just keep spinning! Oh Duke, I sure hope you'll be back to normal real soon. And Ginny, well....... what can I say, I'm a wife too!!! :wink::roll::P Some days I just say to my hubby: "HELLO.... IS ANYONE IN THERE?"



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OH NO!! Some of you will remember almost 1 yr ago (actually mid Feb) I fell going into the hospital for radiation treatments and broke my leg. I do recall the pain and I too was not able to use the crutches because I did not have the strength. I used a w/c and a walker. Tell Earl to take it easy now, he doesn't need to break the other one! :D

Cindy the clutz

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I am so sorry Earl broke his leg. It means extra work for you and lots of pain for him. This is not fun for either of you.

Like others have said you do have to admire his spirit. He was just trying to do something that he thought was totally doable. I am sorry it didn't end up that way. Maybe he should stick with rinsing dishes with you at his side.

I hope life gets easier for both of you and that Earl keeps his pride in place. He just wants to be useful.

When Randy was sick that was one of the things that really gave him saddness. He wasn't able to help out with much of anything and he knew I was doing it "all" and that broke his heart. He didn't want to be a burden. From my perspective on it, I just wanted him to get better. I would have moved heaven and earth to help him get better and would have done it all if it would have meant he would get better and have some good days.

Best wishes to you both at this time. Take a deep breath, slow down, and be thankful it wasn't anything worse. You are both in my prayers.

Much love and prayers for healing coming your way.


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(Ginny, is that bird feeder out of sight now, or will it be there to taunt Earl with the defeat?)

So sorry he got hurt so badly - have you tried duct taping him to a chair? I'm sure it's more humane than rope...

I hope he heals quickly and you two can get on with keepin' on!

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Just back from the orthoped - the Duke is now sporting a denim blue cast from his toesies to almost his knee.

It is a walking cast and he has to use a walker. He was already not walking well, using a cane. This is going to be VERY INTERESTING.

He will be casted for 6 weeks. By then I will be in a straight jacket. We make a lovely couple.


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Ginny and Earl, just wanted to send you my love...I, also, don't know WHAT to say, its all pretty much been said.

I really like Deans advice, to take pride in the things that you can do.

Man, I know that the ice here on long Island is trecherous, so I can't IMAGINE how it is down in PA. I can barely walk up the driveway (just do the attractive 'duck waddle'- 8) very cool looking), let alone to walk up a hill! Godda admire the Dukes spunk, though.

Ginny, take care of you, and tell Earl that you will sinch him up like Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda did to their boss in the movie Nine-to-Five if you have to in order to keep him from taking another spill!

Keep us posted on how the two of you are doing. Take care, Deb

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Oh Dear, The Duke of Earl has been up to his nonsense again!

What are we to do with him?!

Why is it they always wait until one is out to do these things. I remember coming back one day to find David trying to lift weights- heavy ones !

Hope the femur will heal quickly and his poor face too.

Lots of love to you both,


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