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I'm new to this board and am learning how to post. This site has been a great encouragement and thank you all. My dad was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma of the lung on 1/12/04. We learned he has lung cancer 12/1/04 and hoped that he could have surgery, but a needle bx on 1/8/04 determined that it had spread from the left lung to the right lung. He is totally assymtomatic except for a minor cough that is more persistent in the morning. He is eighty years old but in good health and more active than I am. Now he has to decide whether to take chemo or not. If he does take chemo, the MD has recommended cisplantim and gemcitabine. We have a second opinion with another oncologist this week and also next week. I've the posts from Z_Pacific about chemo or not and have appreciated all the responses. Any other ideas and suggestions and words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. These last few weeks have seemed endless - but this site has been a great encouragement. Now I need to show my dad this site also. Thanks so much shirley

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Welcome Shirley. I hope we meet your needs. Those first months are so difficult, all the tests, learning so many new things, grieving over the "loss" of our health and normal routines. Hope you get your Dad loged on , I think it helps to "talk" to those who have walked your journey. Donna G

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Hi There Shirley,

Sorry you had to join us on this board but glad to have you anyway. I am a fairly new member and have found a lot of nice folks here.

I have learnt that chemo can effect different people in different ways, some take it well and others have a few problems. My husband had 6 sessions of chemo and took it very well. He didn't feel nauseous at all and the only three things that worried him were, fatigue (which generally started about three days after having the chemo and lasted for a few days )a metallic taste in the mouth, and some imbalance.

The metallic taste in the mouth put him off eating for a while and so we put him on Ensure and tempted him with lots of his favorite things! The chemo unfortunately has had only a minimal effect on the tumors, however he is stable now and enjoying life again, long may it last :!:

Maybe you should wait until after you have gotten the second opinion. Get all the facts together and then let your Dad make his decision. I found that doing that made us less scared and more ready to fight this darned disease.

Good Luck to you, your Dad and family,


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