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can I be your friend?


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Hello everybody

My husband Tommy is a survivor of lung cancer. Tommy is 32 and I'm 33 we have a wonderful kid and we love each other a lot. Having my husband with that terrible condition was devastating. Some times we make for sure that we are going to have a healthy life, have kids, grandsons and live until we are very old. Honestly I never espect that God was going to give us this test at this age.

I will like to say that God gave us the terrible test, but also made of me a very strong women to handle the situation and be a good wife, a good mother and keep working, studing and take care of my loving son and my loving husband. Now that he is getting better after the operation I will like to help other womens that maybe are in the same situation that I was a couple of months ago. If you ever need to talk with a friend just let me know. Sometimes people take so much care of the person that has the condition and dont think of the sadness of the people that is trying to help and support the person that haves it.

Take Gods hand, keep prying and pleeeease neve give up.


Sorry of my spelling, Engish is not my fist language.

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Guest DaveG


Welcome to Lung Cancer Survivors for Change. You are very much among friends here.

Something that should help you, when posting here, you can post in Spanish and it will be translated into English, likewise you can translate English to Spanish. Just click on Translate Site in Spanish, above. This should make it much easier for you.

Please make yourself home here. All of us here either have lung cancer ourselves, or have a family member with lung cancer. We have been where your husband is and understand, all too well, what he and you are experiencing.

You will notice the message board is divided into Forums, addressing the many different subjects concerning lung cancer. Please, browse through the different topics and forums. You will find much love, inspiration, concern, and a very large family here.

Again, welcome to Lung Cancer Survivors for Change.

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How wonderful that you found us! Welcome FRIEND! Please don't apologize for your English...it is much better than most of our Spanish is!

I was interested to see that you list Puerto Rico as your location. Are you still living there? My daughter is getting married in May, and her future husband's family on his dad's side are all from Puerto Rico. His grandmother still lives there. We are all hoping to get to go visit sometime.

I'm so sorry your young husband has experienced this terrible disease, but will pray that his health will continue to always improve after having had surgery.

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Welcome Dalia, I am so sorry you and your husband had to go through LC at such a young age.:( It sounds like you are a really strong woman. I know in the SCLC forum there are 2 very young people in their 30's going through cancer. I am sure they would love to hear from you.

Adding you to my prayers.

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