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PET/CT result


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the pet/ct scan result was released today and we picked up from the hospital. After collecting the report, I studied the report and concluded that there is residual growth of my dad's primary LC, now the tumor is 2.4cm diameter with one nearby hilar lymph node mets. No mets to bone and skeleton and abdomen (sp?).

This report didn't surprise me bcoz I know something is happening but the question is what and how many things are happening. So this result seems fair. The reports suggested to have further clincial test on tongue and thyroid but the report said the uptake can be caused by the inflammation. Is it a good news so far? I don't know.

My dad was a bit upset of the lung tumor residual growth and he shred a tear. He said he wants to give up for not letting us suffer anymore. I understand his feelings and I know he doesn't want to die too soon. I comforted him and said our whole family will stand by him and support him. We are now trying to think what alternatives are available for fighting this disease for my dad.

Nurses said, doctors held a meeting to discuss about my dad's case today. The next meeting with oncologist is scheduled on 2/6.

What we are waiting is the final biopsy result of my dad's cell type. This is crucial for future treatment planning and I really want to know the result as soon as possible and don't want to let my dad wait too long. I pray for wisdom to all those doctors and oncologists and pathologists for helping my dad.

Really don't know what the treatment plan is. Please pray for my dad.

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