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A question about chemo....


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May I ask, has anyone had their chemo treatments put off when they had a cold, being given a high dose of anitbiotics for a couple days? then to return 2-3 days later to start a late chemo session? my dad's wbc is good but he has a small cold and he did not recieve his chemo today. I just spoke to my mother who told me he was on his way home so I have no details yet. I do know a wbc booster can be given if the wbc count is low and chemo can start as schedualed the same day as a booster is given....but I don't know if there might be something else that can be given when one has a cold so that the treatment can still go on.....this is a complicated issue I know. I'll find out the details as soon as I allow my dad to discuss this with my mother and eat his lunch.



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I had my chemo delayed twice because of low blood counts and because I was out of town at my 30th high school reunion. According to my Dr. a few days or a weeks delay will not hurt anything in fact I felt a lot better after the extra time off. Chemo continues to work long after it is given.

Hope that helps.

God Bless,


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Hi Chani,

I had to get 2-platelet transfusion because of low counts in the beginning due to chemo and I think one was postponed also. Even had to change the schedule and dosage from the original game plan. I know there is a certain level blood counts have to be to get chemo. Never had a cold while getting chemo but I believe that might also postpone a treatment depending on counts or possible risk of infection. Also pretty much what Mo said I was told missing a cycle or turn does not effect treatment . Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless. Rich

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Mo and Rich,

Thank you....My mind is eased. You enabled my walk today...with my snowdog, :D to be a better adventure than if would have been had I not read your replies before we took out the door. I also called my mom and dad and read to them your posts. :) I had a nice little talk with two young kids that stopped me wanting to pet the snow dog. Everybody loves this Siberian snow dog, and belileve me, she knows it and flaunts herself. We walked together for about a mile talking about our pets and just "things" then we parted ways. One wants to be a Vet and the other a surgen. Wow, I thought....how wonderful to have little people so focused. My heart has been enriched today!!

Thank you, thank you!!


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From what we were told, so many people have to delay chemo for various reasons whether it be infection, low blood counts, etc, and it has no effect on treatment. The only effect it has is to eat at our nerves and make us worry :)

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You are right about the worries.... :cry: I guess my dad has recieved a new long lasting wbc booster called Nulasta. Have you heard of this? maybe because it is long lasting this may help prevent some of those things that cause chemo treatments to have to be put off. At least I hope this is it's benefit..... :D


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