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lots of questions--please help!


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How do you know if you will qualify for diability? I started this journey back in 2001 and I worked throughout my chemo treatment, radiation, surgeries (including pneumonectomy) and now here I am. I didn't go the disability route because as a single mom with 3 kids I barely survive and could never go 6 months without income. But it is getting difficult now.. I don't know if I would qualify now for diability as my treatment is over and has been for almost 2 years now (hooray!) BUT... I'm left with pain in the ribs from 3 thoracotamys (sp?) and I have some broken, displaced, ribs that hurt all the time. Numbness, hearing loss and sitting at the computer all day is creating additional problems. I have pain throughout my neck and arms etc. I've tried to get up and walk around etc. but things aren't going well--along with an incredibly stressful job. I'm hoping that I don't require any further treatment etc. but would I qualify because I no longer require any treatments? I read somewhere that if you have a pneumonectomy you may actomatically be eligible but I don't know. Also I'm still fairly young--30's. I may be on it for a long time. What about health insurance? Do you get a certain amount which stays the same throughout your lifetime? I have so many questions and I don't know who to ask. I don't want to talk to my doctor just yet and I can get time off to leave and meet with anyone at a diability office. Anyone out there with any information????

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Best thing to do is get ahold of your Social Security office. A lot will depend on your COMPLETE daignosis (not just the cancer) so make sure you have everything checked out and documented by your doctors. Ufortunately the fact that your working will indicate to the disability folks that you CAN work. So I think the first step will be to get a doctor to put down in writing that you CAN'T work.

I got State Disability which kicked in right away. I just got approved for SSDI (federal) that will start when my State runs out (state is a bit more than the SSDI).

Good luck. It seems that applying for disability can go REAL smooth (as in my case) or be a REAL pain the neck.


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First of all it is true, there is a 6 month wait period. If you have little or no income right now then you may qualify for SSI. There is no waiting period for that. You still must meet guidlines of being disabled to get SSI. Just because you are through receiving treatments does not have effect

on your claim (or at least I would not think so). It would depend on your medical records. You may be required to take some test at SS expense. You say you have a lot of questions. You can go to www.ssa.gov and get a lot of info. You can apply on line if you desire. Also we had a

discussion that you might find helpful a few days back http://www.buy2k.net/lungcancersurvivor ... php?t=5312 that you may want to read. I am not sure if removal of one lung auto qualifies you or not. I think it depends on your medical records. I think I read on here once that stage IV was automatic. Perhaps someone else can answer that for you. At any rate I would apply ASAP. All they can do is turn you down at which time you can appeal. Now as far as the 6 month wait period goes, I was told (also read it online) that you can make 800.00 per month and still be processed. There is a program where you can work if you desire and still get your check. I never really checked it out tho. If I can answer any questions for you, feel free to PM me. Hopefully others will reply to you also. Good Luck.


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