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Hello Friends,

My father has been in the hospital with pneumonia since 1/14. They want to release him tomorrow or Wed, they did an Xray to check on things but his lungs sound improved every day. He had some fluid last time they checked so they gave him IV lasix. His electrolytes were low so they gave him IV calcium too. He's also getting a transfusion right now. My questions are these:

1. He is so tired and sleeping a lot, he doesnt stay awake much. Is this normal in recovering from pneumonia?

2. Has anyone experienced gagging? He does this once in awhile. His cough is not bad, better every day, but he's concerned about this.

3. Has anyone experienced twitching? Doc seemed to think it was his low calcium.

Thanks for any help you can give me. What concerns me the most is the sleeping.

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Not sure if this will help at all, but my father, who was diagnosed w/ NSCLC last spring, gags quite a bit. Usually he will cough a couple of times first, then end up gagging to the point I think he will vomit, but doesn't. He did have some fluid removed last April and had some relief for a while, but lately it seems to be happening more often again. His last CT scan report showed enlargement of his pleural effusion which may or may not have something to do with it.

Sorry, I have no information on your other questions.

Best wishes to you and your father.

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Linda Half way though radiation & chemo my husband developed the dry heaves(with a little phem) That was seven or eight months ago. Now they happen maybe once a week when he's tired or first thing in the morning. Like Mo I believe that the radiation causes this problem. When the gagging first started it was an every day occurrence. It was both disturbing emotionally and physically. Onc. prescribed lorazepam for anxiety it helped. As time has gone by not as violent and not as often. Hopefully your dad's gags will go away when the pneumonia is cleared up. Carolyn

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The pneumonia vaccine works against a specific strain of germ (Streptococcus Pneumoniae). It isn't effective against viral pnuemonia, or pneumonias caused by fungal infections, or inhalation of chemicals or dusts.

I invested (about $40) in a good quality particulate matter and organic vapor respirator to wear when I'm working out of doors in the yard, sweeping, etc. And I wear a TB face mask during the height of the flu season when I go out in public, or to places where a lot of ill folks might be (Doctor's office, Hospital for tests). I know I look funny(ier), but looking odd is easier to deal with than an infection I cannot easily fight off.

Hope this helps.

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I had pneumonia in 2002 - cancer was found on the follow-up x-ray. I got the (damn) shot this season, along with one for the flu. So far, so good (knock on wood).

Fay, I had the pneumonia that the shot is for, so I'm SURE that if exposed to some other form I might bring it home and make it mine for a while - it's been a "Murphy's Year" for me again this year...go figure!


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Pneumonia is very draining, took me 6-8 weeks to overcome the fatigue, that was when I was well.

Twitching, I don't know about calcium levels, but I do that now too. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Initially makes one feel wierd, but it's not harmful to twitch. I have dreams sometimes where I trip and then twitch in response. Also have had a twitch since the epidural I got having my second child.

The gagging... due to thickened mucus, due to irradiated cilia having a hard time clearing out the bronchial tube, due to winter dry air on top of it all.... just as long as it comes up. I breathe much easier after I can get the bronchial tube cleared out. Just sounds wretched!!!! and not always easy to get it all up. ( in dire circumstances, I take robitussen that has only guafesin in it, that's supposed to loosen up the secretions and make them easier to move out).

I had the pneumonia shot twice, and the flu shots every year for the last 15. May not cover everything, but I'll be dipped if I don't cover myself with what is available.

I have to deal with the fact that now my body does things it didn't used to do, and that's okay, because although I've been through the mill and will never be "normal" again, I'M STILL HERE!!!! and thankful for it.

Hang in there,


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