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Nancy B

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Hi all, I just got home from a urologist appt. as I have blood in my urine and because of my history of cancer they wanted to check it out. He told me that smoking can cause cancer of the kidney and bladder and that I need to be followed for that. I had never heard of this before. I quit smoking 12 years before my diagnosis in 2000. Everything looks clear for now but I have just added another "ologist" to my list of docs. Has anyone heard of this before? Just curious.

I don't post often but I read the board and pray for everyone on a daily basis.

Hugs and prayers,


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Hi Nancy, I do know that smoking is considered a cause of bladder cancer(my brother had it) but I don't know about the kidney. I also know that there are many reasons for blood in the urine including simple infections. I don't think that smoking 12 or more years ago will have much impact on the bladder. I know what you mean about more docs. I have so many I can't remember their names. :)

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A friend of mine at work her mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer and never smoked a day in her life. The doc then asked if anyone in the house smoked and her father had smoked his whole life. The doc said "Well that answers that question!!" So I guess it does.......can't answer the kidney thing though sorry. Good Luck!!

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